Bring Devices Online

Retrofit existing equipment with IoT capabilities, or design and develop new devices and IoT applications from scratch, while following best practices for IoT security.

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Collect & Analyze Data

Work with the Very team to aggregate data from your machines through an ETL pipeline, and then store and analyze it in a secure cloud environment.

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Improve Machine Health & Performance

Achieve real-time asset health monitoring and proactively replace or upgrade equipment through predictive and preventative maintenance.

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From Hardware to the Cloud

Launch confidently with the help of our full-service IoT development firm.

Full-Stack Web Development

We’ll execute against your roadmap to make your vision a reality with services including web application engineering and cloud infrastructure setup and deployment.

Mobile App Development

Our elite teams build native and cross-platform apps using deep expertise in every aspect of mobile application development.

Hardware Prototyping

We’ll work with you to fully understand your hardware requirements and how they would impact our framework choices. Then we’ll make recommendations and build out a prototype to use for testing.

Digital Twin Technology

Manage the performance, effectiveness, and quality of your fixed assets, including manufacturing machines, lines, and plants.

Firmware Development

Drive reliability, extensibility, and security in your connected devices through custom firmware development.

Cloud Architecture

Securely connect your devices to the cloud or your existing web infrastructure, implement scalable solutions from data pipelines to fleet management, and discover and remove bottlenecks in system performance.

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