Join leaders from MIT and Vizio for a Remote IoT Development Virtual Summit.

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ASME’s Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) is a global, hardware-building competition for individuals and organizations taking a physical product with the long-term goal of making a social impact. To be considered, applicants need a working prototype of their product and a demonstrated desire for help moving to the next stage of development.

The Innovations

Biogas Milk Chiller: There are currently no solutions on the market to provide milk chilling for farms with less than 10 dairy cows that don’t have access to electricity. As a result, raw milk is not cooled in most developing and newly industrialized countries. The Biogas Milk Chiller provides off-grid biogas-powered milk cooling to smallholder dairy farmers without access to electricity. The inventors hope that by 2025, milk spoilage by off-grid dairy farmers will be something of the past.

Sparsh: Sparsh is a point of care medical device developed by Yostra for diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy. The bewildering array and variability of symptoms that neuropathies can cause often make diagnosis difficult. There is a huge need for affordable, clinically validated and handheld products, and Sparsh meets that need.

Annie: Annie is the world’s first self-learning braille device for the visually impaired. Features include gamified, real-world outcomes, instant feedback, and a human voice. The device looks to increase global braille literacy, which is shockingly low. Annie helps students learn to read, write and type braille on their own. With the companion app, teachers can monitor real-time student progress, schedule tests, and assign homework.

Brun CG: Brun CG is a labor detection tool for expecting mothers in underdeveloped areas. Brun monitors vital signs and communicates fetal data to physicians in remote areas, with the goal of reducing neonatal mortality rates.

Benton Fuels: Bentos Fuels is an innovative recycling process using harvested water hyacinth-an invasive plant species, and mixing it with paper sludge and charred waste biomass to produce smokeless charcoal briquettes. The resulting briquettes produce more energy than typical coal or wood, and the hope is that using these environmentally friendly energy sources, cooking practices can be transformed.

Smart Brooder: In many developing countries, maintaining livestock can be a difficult task. The Smart Brooder hopes to improve on that. It is an environmental control device geared to help poultry farmers from the developing world to increase the efficiency of production and reduce mortality rates of young chickens, by keeping the brooding environment are kept optimal, and also automating the first few weeks of the young chickens' lives.

Solar Hybrid Coffee Roaster: Coffee is a volatile market and crop even in the best of times. The Solar Hybrid Coffee Roaster looks to assist small, rural farmers with being able to take more ownership of their crop by letting them roast their beans themselves, letting them live and farm in remote areas.

PointCheck: PointCheck is a non-invasive device that aids in early detection of low neutrophil levels. Low neutrophil levels can be dangerous, especially during such treatments as chemotherapy. Neutrophil helps the body fight infection, and low-levels can inhibit that. However, with PointCheck, precautions can be made before that becomes a factor to help keep the body stronger during chemotherapy.

NeoVent: NeoVent is a non-invasive, inexpensive, dual-pressure ventilator. The entire thing can be made for $20, as opposed to conventional ventilators, which can be over 100 times more expensive. The device is aimed at use for infants in respiratory distress.



Alongside our own Ben Wald, the experts that will be meeting with the finalists include people from a variety of backgrounds, including graphic designers, engineers, and investors, and more. They’ve all volunteered their time to assist the inventors in taking their product to the next stage, and hopefully to market, in time.

The event will take place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 ASME Headquarters (6th Floor) 2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.