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With award-winning product design and unrivaled service, Tandus Centiva provides the ultimate flooring experience for their customers. But in February 2015, their online experience was a different story.

The brand's digital presence was outdated, and the underlying systems and processes supporting their customer-facing website made innovation slow and painful. Simply adding a product to their product catalog or changing the wording on their CMS required use of an internal AS400 manufacturing application, a .Net catalog maintenance application, and many manual processes. As if that wasn't enough, Tandus's operations team was tied up loading and managing multiple instances of similar data.

Agility at Scale

After two decades in business, Tandus needed to innovate with the speed and agility of a startup. They engaged us to build the systems and processes to take their web presence to the next level.

Our team aligned development efforts with Tandus's business objectives to create clear, quantifiable success criteria:

  • A high performance server-side web application built using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AngularJS, and HTML5 and hosted on Amazon Web Services. This application would integrate with existing Tandus systems and be developed according to the latest agile engineering practices, such as test-driven-development and continuous integration.
  • An intuitive and responsive user interface for navigating and presenting content about Tandus, its varied product offerings, and other related business functions that customers valued.
  • A business intelligence framework for better understanding customer behavior and website performance against business objectives.

To effectively build, iterate, and launch the new website, our DevOps engineers set up a continuous integration and delivery framework to deploy the application to load-balanced, AWS-hosted web servers.

Our dedicated team of application engineers, development operations engineers, project advisors, and front-end engineers worked diligently to infuse Tandus's online experience with the same "wow" factor that its products are known for. We prototyped and built a custom component library system and new e-commerce platform that represented the company's five divisions: Powerbond, Modular, Broadloom, Woven, and Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Replatforming a Global Online Product Catalog in 3 Months

Uncovering Actionable Intelligence

We also created a robust business intelligence framework within the application. This allows the team at Tandus to gain new insights into behavioral and environmental actions that visitors take on the website. Now, they use this data to measure website performance and to understand the website's impact on Tandus's business objectives.

In just three months, the final platform was not only fresh and functional; it provided a compelling and dynamic customer experience that was worthy of the brand and its industry-leading product design.