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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are the future of manufacturing — yet not much is known about how long it takes to build them. To fill this gap in the research for manufacturing companies, we’re launching the first-ever study to uncover these hidden details of the IIoT development process. 

What We Already Know

We already know that IoT is already a game-changer for manufacturing and that the implications for the future are huge. Companies can install IIoT sensors on manufacturing equipment and in factories to predict a part’s failure before it happens, detect operational inefficiencies, ensure safety protocols are being followed, and more. 

This new industrial revolution won’t just be good for individual manufacturers, but for the economy at large, with Accenture Labs predicting that Industry 4.0 will boost the global economy by $14 billion by 2035.

We also know a lot about the IoT development process, and we’ve learned a few things about what a few incumbents are doing, but there’s still a lot of missing information when it comes to IIoT development timeframes.

When it comes to actually starting an IIoT project, where can manufacturing companies begin? What can they expect? With three out of four IoT projects failing today, the stakes are high, and more information is key to success. 

The Questions We’re Asking

Invariably, time is always one of the biggest constraints on any IoT development project, so it’s crucial for companies to set realistic goals and make the right choices during the development process. 

In addition to asking individuals how long it took (or how long it’s taken so far) to launch their IIoT products, we’re also asking manufacturers with experience in IIoT about the factors that may influence those timeframes, including:

  • Company size
  • Project staffing (in-house versus outsource)
  • Hardware considerations (such as the location where manufacturing is occurring and whether the hardware was purchased or custom-designed)

What Are the Next Steps?

We don’t know what we’ll find in our research, but we know what we want to do with the information we gain: share it. Once we’ve gathered enough responses from all of the IIoT leaders we’re reaching out to, we’ll publish a full report on the results, featuring quotes from influencers and unique industry insights.

If you’re someone with a background in building IIoT solutions, take the survey today to be among the first to receive the results.

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