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It’s no secret that technology has always been a male-dominated industry. Because I’m a woman who’s spent most of her professional career in the tech space, I’m well aware of the imbalance. But the enormity of it first struck me while I was attending Dreamforce, the largest software conference in the world.

During Dreamforce, hundreds of thousands of people descend on San Francisco. The scope of the conference is truly astounding. In between sessions, as I made my way toward the restroom, I noticed something strange. There was a line out the door for the men’s restroom. But for the women’s restroom? No line at all.

That moment has stayed with me, and I think it speaks volumes to the state of the industry. Even though topics of inclusion and diversity have gotten lip service (and significant funding) in tech for decades, diversity numbers at the largest tech companies are barely budging.

This is a big, contentious problem, and we need the best minds—both male and female—to collaborate and work toward a solution. Since men hold the majority of leadership positions at all types of companies, they have an opportunity to make a real difference.

In a recent Startup Week talk, I shared the stories of the men who have supported, challenged, and encouraged me so far in my career. I also talked about:

  • Why inclusive teams are good for business.
  • Reasons hiring and retaining women in tech is tough.
  • Tips for supporting women in any industry.

If you missed the talk, you’re in luck—we recorded it! I encourage you to check out the video and think about ways you can make an impact in your own company or community.