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We’ve helped you build a product that addresses users’ needs while also meeting your business objectives. It might have been launched already or you might be getting ready to launch soon, but either way, you need to be able to count on it being ready for prime time in the hands of real customers.

Once your product reaches a point where it can be marketed, launched, and sold successfully, you might want to reduce the focus on feature development and increase focus on other activities that will pay dividends later. For instance, it might be the perfect time to begin collecting data on how your users are interacting with your product so you’re ready to make informed, data-driven decisions when you’re ready to continue developing the feature set. This hiatus in feature development doesn’t mean that you’re not working on your product; quite the contrary, comprehensive support of your app addresses minor enhancements to your existing feature set and tackles any issues that may crop up with increased usage.

The above activities are precisely what an Enhance & Support engagement is all about. For a fixed monthly fee, we'll ensure your application receives the following services:

Enhance & Support Services

Automated monitoring and reporting

We will ensure that your application has automated monitoring and reporting so that we will be able to resolve issues as soon as they arise. You will also get monthly reports detailing your application metrics and usage data.

Proactive updates and security patches

Your application will stay running smoothly as we proactively take care of updating the versions of the languages, frameworks, and libraries that comprise the backbone of your system.

Bug fixes

The quality of your application will improve as we take care of any known bugs and proactively address issues in performance and reliability.

Minor styling changes

Keep your application looking fresh by tweaking copy, color or layout.

Existing feature enhancements

We will work with you to identify enhancements to existing features that can be easily accomplished without requiring changes to the app’s architecture or major re-designs. These minor improvements are ideal during an Enhance & Support engagement as they are typically low-hanging fruit that can prove valuable to your customers.

Is it the right time to transition?

The decision to transition from a Build to an Enhance & Support engagement should be based on the current stage of your product in the product lifecycle, the short to mid-term goals of the product management team and the immediate needs of the business. Below is a list of conditions that must be true for the time to be the right to transition.

You’re ok with slowing new feature development to focus on supporting your current feature set

If your product is already providing value to your customers, you might want to slow down or completely stop new feature development, even if only momentarily. A really good reason would be wanting to improve the quality of the existing feature set by shifting the focus to fixing bugs and addressing non-functional concerns like performance or security. Another good reason in favor of the transition would be wanting to start collecting usage metrics to gain insight before building new features.

You want to keep supporting your app while reducing your burn rate significantly

Perhaps your motivation has to do less with the product itself and more with the immediate business needs. If you want to keep your app running smoothly while giving it the support it needs as your user base grows, and you want to do this while reducing your burn rate significantly, an Enhance & Support engagement is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning to an Enhance & Support engagement should be a straightforward decision when you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in the coming weeks or months. Getting your business and product development needs satisfied will be a function of signing onto the right type of engagement with your technology partner.

If reading this is making you consider switching to an Enhance & Support contract, speak with a knowledgeable, experienced partner such as Very who can assess your situation and recommend the right engagement by taking into consideration all of your business needs, including budget and timeline. Click here to get in touch with us today.