America’s largest B corp. certified bank.

What Very provided:

Change is accessible.

For almost a century, Amalgamated Bank provided quality banking services to hardworking individuals and families. We helped them carry their mission into the 21st century.
Amalgamated Bank

Can banking catalyze social change?Amalgamated Bank provides high-quality, affordable and accessible banking services to everyone. Founded in 1923 as New York City’s first labor bank, it’s now the largest majority union-owned bank in the U.S. But to stay relevant in an ever-evolving market, Amalgamated had to rethink their digital presence.

Amalgamated Bank

Amalgamated wanted more than a new platform; they wanted to create opportunities for social change — to engage individuals in dialogue around key topics such as workers’ rights, immigration and financial education.

Custom App Development

Very worked with the bank’s team to align design, communications, compliance, PR, and social media around a single, stronger platform. We set up various communication channels to deliver not only their core banking services, but also to elegantly and effectively engage the communities they serve.

Very is uniquely positioned as a consulting firm that cares about progressive issues, while understanding how to drive conversations and improve communications among our key constituents.

Samantha Berg
Chief Marketing Officer
Amalgamated Bank

Ultimately, the project was a success: the work was completed within the client’s timeframe and led to a measurable expansion of their online presence and engagement. Two weeks following the launch, Amalgamated’s Facebook following had grown from about 400 to more than 12,000, and later 17,000. While some social content was boosted, much of that growth was organic. With their new platform and channels generating consistent, ongoing results, the client was able to confidently manage their online presence in house.

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