A global competition for hardware-led social innovations.

What Very provided:

Competition is social.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers holds annual competitions that foster collaboration and solve real-world challenges. Very built a dynamic social voting platform that helped ASME reach more than 2 million people.

Can an engineering association drive social innovation?The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a nonprofit that fosters collaboration across the global engineering community. ASME holds annual competitions that apply sustainable, scalable engineering to solve real-world challenges.


Last year, ASME held competitions in Washington DC, India and Kenya. All three required an elegant, effective platform that would give millions of people an opportunity to cast votes and rank the innovations were developed by participants.

I highly recommend working with the Very team. They showed an in-depth knowledge of the UX/UI process and make efficient use of it with their well-rounded methodology. They used the perfect user testing methods at the right time and on top of that; visually, their work is stunning!

Paul Scott
Program Director

Very developed a platform that became a virtual “home” for the “Hardware Led Social Innovators.” All communication entries, event registration (via Eventbrite), social voting and short-listing happened through the platform, which was built to be reusable for each competition. Working with ASME, we validated the end-product through iterative testing, to ensure it would facilitate a successful event.

And it did: the platform was both elegant and effective, leveraging ASME’s existing assets to reach millions of people. Ultimately, more than 250,000 votes were cast, and a foundation was laid for ongoing functionality.

In the years since the original competition, the platform has performed seamlessly from the perspective of both the judges and the voters. The client reported that the look-and-feel of the platform fits their constituency and that user feedback has been positive, particularly around ease of use.

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