A curated online investment platform for premium investment opportunities.

What Very provided:

Capital is connected.

Capital Circle is a curated online investment platform that offers premium investment opportunities for potential investors. We helped them craft a robust, versatile, and easy-to-manage platform — all while maintaining compliance with government regulations.
Capital Circle

Can a platform comply with complex regulations, and be simple to use?Capital Circle needed a website that would connect online investments in a niche market. Obviously, investment opportunities had to be easy to access and customize. But there were a few challenges.

Capital Circle

The company wanted to integrate third-party APIs, several of which were unfinished. And in a highly regulated industry, everything had to be 100-percent compliant. Capital Circle chose Very because we had highly relevant experience building a robust investment platform in an online marketplace. We worked closely with Sachs Capital Group in the design and workflow of the new website.

"The Very team was great to work with, from beginning to end! They are very process-orientated, keeping us involved and up-to-date throughout each phase of the development process. They were very attentive to our goals and objectives, often providing very constructive feedback on how best to set up our platform. We look forward to continuing the relationship in the future."

Michelle Sibley
Capital Circle

We delivered a product built on an up-to-date platform, for speedy customization. We worked to normalize data and found ways to get predictable results from unpredictable third-party APIs, which we plugged in using a robust API.

Our process resulted in a successful launch for Capital Circle — thanks to an end product that hid a multitude of complexities, while simplifying the investment process.

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