Connecting high-potential changemakers to accelerate the rate of social change.

What Very provided:

Change is accelerating.

Social entrepreneurs and innovators work to make the world a better place. Changemakers exists to connect them, with the goal of accelerating the rate of change for critical social issues. We built a bold new platform to help Changemakers achieve their mission.

Can a force for good become greater?Changemakers has partnered with global foundations and Fortune 500 companies — such as GE, Google, and the Rockefeller Foundation — to build a global changemaking network. It’s large and growing, with more than 15,000 innovators in 125 countries.


This powerful community required an equally powerful platform that would allow them to collaborate and realize their shared vision. Changemakers asked Very to build it.

We started with an outdated platform — and an ambitious timeline. Our team worked with the staff and partners at Changemakers to perform a complete UI and UX overhaul, without disturbing the existing functionality.

Working with Very was a pleasure. They were fast, smart, involved, dedicated, responsive and fun. They took personal responsibility for the outcomes of our engagements, and always made sure to deliver.

Chris Heald
Director of Technology
Ashoka Changemakers

Together, we designed, developed, and launched “Changeshops,” which is now home to thousands of Changemakers around the world and continues to grow every day.

A Partner at Very, Benjamin Wald, was invited to present the platform at the Intersection Event, which explores the impact of innovation on major social issues.

Mockup Changemakers