More than 10 million students use Looksharp to launch their careers.

What Very provided:

Interning is intelligent.

The unemployment and job markets are always under a magnifying glass, but the internship process appears to be more formal than it actually is. Looksharp wanted to build a platform where interns could get the same attention that professionals receive in the post-college job market. Very helped make it happen.

Can a new process simplify the fragmented internship market? Many colleges and corporations have programs that connect students to internships. But the process is often informal and complicated. Looksharp set out to create a more technically intelligent and user-friendly way for students to find great internships — and for companies to find great future employees. The company asked Very to build a platform that would help them transform the internship market.


We began by rethinking the process, exploring ways to make it more intelligent and effective. Then we focused on validating the business model, identifying user profiles, and developing use-case scenarios. Initial wireframes and prototypes were created for the platform to prove that the required technical build actually fit the business need. It did.

Their multi-faceted guidance has been a tremendous asset in key aspects of our business – including capital raising, honing the business model, strategic initiatives, and general management. They operate with the highest levels of dedication, optimism, and integrity.

Andrew Maguire
iphone Looksharp

Looksharp is now the largest internship and entry-level jobs marketplace dedicated entirely to students and new graduates. To date, they’ve achieved more than 5 million page views, and they average 150,000 applications per month through their new platform. Because of its continued success, Looksharp was acquired by WayUp early in 2017.