Connecting families with awesome caregivers.

What Very provided:

Local is scalable.

Founded in 2013 as NYC Mannies, MyCare has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and other media outlets around the world. MyCare helps families find and screen caregivers. We helped them transform their New York-based service into a nationwide business.

How can a small agency go bigger, faster? NYCMannies was a small New York agency that connected families to well-vetted caregivers. Founder and CEO John Brandon had a bold vision to expand his manny placement agency across the globe. He approached Very in September 2014 to help him launch new products beyond the city.

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When I first approached Very, I had no concept of how to realize my business's hidden potential. The confidence I now have in the direction of my company is a direct result of their encouragement and expertise. But above their technical knowledge, the reason I have stuck with Very for so long is because of the lasting relationships I've built with their team. Together, we've built a product that I'm proud of.

John Brandon
Founder and CEO

MyCare cuts out two major pain points for families when finding a caregiver: searching and vetting potential caregivers. Only caregivers who are interested in applying to each job appear on a family’s Dashboard and each individual has already been screened and background checked by the MyCare team.

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