The leading energy storage provider in Southern California.

What Very provided:

Power is independence.

Swell Energy provides affordable energy storage solutions that give homeowners complete energy independence. The Swell platform uses targeted campaigns to connect customers with relevant subsidy programs, then facilitates every step of the process — from subsidy program applications through scheduling local installers.
Swell application development

Can a new player make the energy game easier?The cost of residential energy storage and whole home generators is high. So high, in fact, that it presents a barrier to the adoption of clean energy. Swell wanted to change that, so they created a way to connect customers seeking energy independence with relevant programs that would alleviate some of their costs.

But there were a lot of moving parts: Swell had dozens of campaigns to manage; they needed to automate their tedious operational processes; and needed to sync third-party services with their platform to facilitate customer work flow. So Swell asked us to build it.

Very has a repeatable development protocol that is proven to work again and again. The CMS they built gave us a great foundation with the flexibility we needed.

Matt Rising

We worked with Swell to set up specific re-usable components and a component manager, so that new content pages could be built in a matter of minutes. 

We designed robust components to assemble custom components and to work seamlessly with our integration library out of the box.