Ending the stress epidemic by offering science-based solutions to enhance well-being.

What Very provided:

Living is thriving.

Arianna Huffington left Huffington Post to found Thrive Global — a platform that helps users achieve what Huffington refers to as “the third metric:” Thriving. After an exhaustive search to find the right partner, Thrive Global chose Very to build the framework for their innovative platform.
Thrive global application development

Can we achieve success without the stress?

Burnout can become an insurmountable barrier to our goals. It takes equal parts awareness and discipline to eradicate unnecessary — and unhelpful — stress from our lives. The mission of Thrive Global is to to help people prioritize their well-being, so that decision-making, creativity, and productivity are enhanced — and we move from merely surviving to thriving.

Thrive global application development

Thrive wanted their platform to function as a set of tools and resources for users: part editorial content (which would live on Medium and be pulled onto their site), and part e-commerce (Shopify). The initial feature-set was very large, and the timeline was ambitious: 12 weeks to concept, build, and launch the entire platform. Thrive chose Very to help make it happen.

With development led by Very, this launch was among the top 10% of platform launches I have ever been a part of.

Rajiv Pant
Thrive Global

To meet the deadline, and to focus the initial scope, we started by sitting down with Thrive’s CTO. Together, we devised an initial set of features, which we would use to test market assumptions. Leveraging the Medium API, we built out a Rails Admin in the first three weeks of the project, so Thrive was able to start interacting with a prototype of their product, fast.

We handled every aspect of the product engineering: DevOps, prototyping, systems architecture, and front-end and back-end development. We also guided the strategy for UX, information architecture, and analytics. The result: an incredibly engaging and highly functional platform that positions Thrive to better serve its mission.

"Very was truly our partner in launching Thrive Global's digital media presence," says Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global. "In a short time-frame, they designed and problem-solved alongside our team seamlessly. They are flexible, creative, focused on quality and good people all around.”

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