A quarterly magazine launched by ASME, DEMAND features original, in-depth reporting, and content at the intersection of technology and global development, inspiring engineers to invent effective, sustainable solutions. 

The Concept

Launched by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), DEMAND is a quarterly magazine that features original, in-depth reporting around technology and global development. From articles, to case studies, to fascinating stories, DEMAND challenges engineers to invent effective, sustainable solutions that enhance communities across the world.

While the content is certainly engaging enough to stand on its own, the beautiful design takes the publication to another level. ASME wanted to bring DEMAND to life online, so they engaged Very.



The Process

We worked exclusively with the DEMAND team, and while they’re powered by ASME, they’ve built their own unique brand that we needed to fully capture on the new platform. 

The project also was lighter on the engineering side than many of our other engagements: because it’s essentially a blog platform, it didn’t require complex functionality. But the user experience needed to be high-quality and highly engaging — which meant the front-end design would do a lot of the heavy lifting.

"From the very beginning, Very understood our mission and knew exactly what we were trying to create. They were incredibly responsive to every request and took our feedback seriously."
- Jessica Pothering, Editor of Demand Magazine

The Results

The build moved quickly and seamlessly. Our product designers focused on creating a platform that was sleek, simple to navigate, and visually stunning. We built it in such a way that each article could easily be tagged by topic or category, so users could find information that was most relevant to them. The color themes from DEMAND’s print version were incorporated online, which made each issue identifiable and added a cohesiveness to the content.

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