Streamlining  E-Commerce Order Fulfillment 

We developed a custom software solution for Omax Health that streamlined processes, while maintaining their high brand standards.


"Very was flexible and quickly changed directions when we needed to. They worked closely with us on a daily basis and delivered in a highly compressed timeframe."

 Frank Velardo, Sr. Director, DevOps

The Background

Omax Health is a science-based health and wellness company that develops premium-quality nutraceuticals. The company is known for its advanced Omega-3 supplement, Omax3, which was developed by a group of Yale-affiliated scientists and doctors.



The Concept

When Omax went under new management, a core objective was to streamline order fulfillment processes. At the time, a dedicated call center team was responsible for ensuring that phone orders were correctly fulfilled by their third-party fulfillment service. But the operation was less than smooth: the team was tasked with managing multiple systems, which had little to no integration. There were issues from a customer perspective, too: namely, order tracking was missing — as were other insights that consumers now expect.

The Process

The solution: relaunch their primary marketing site on top of a Shopify platform, using custom software to automatically synchronize Shopify orders with their fulfillment center. Turnaround was incredibly tight, with approximately six weeks to get the new platform live and pixel perfect.

We started with requirements gathering, working directly with the client to understand their new orders workflow and as well as the technical capabilities of their fulfillment service.

From there, Very broke into two teams — front-end specialists and designers, and backend engineers — that worked in tandem for the lifecycle of the project. The front-end team focused on the visual layout, design, and entire order flow, while the backend team worked on automating the entire flow of data, from Shopify order placement to the fulfillment center and back. The backend team also built an “integration hub” using a serverless architecture on top of Amazon Web Services.

The Results

The new process is seamless from a fulfillment perspective, and it enhances visibility for customers. Each night, the system pulls new Shopify orders and sends them to the fulfillment center so that the warehouse can begin the process of shipping those orders first thing in the morning. Later that day, the system performs a status check with the fulfillment center via their API, ultimately taking tracking information and updating the Shopify orders.

From start to finish, the software creates an audit trail, so users and administrators know the history of a particular order. Users receive emails automatically when tracking information is added to their order, which means customers know exactly where their order is and when to expect it.

In addition to single orders, the systems allow customers to set up subscriptions — a new (and incredibly valuable) functionality that was missing in prior versions of the site. 

Ultimately, we delivered a site that was designed for scalability, high availability and low costs — and that met the high standards Omax has set for its brand.  

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