An Agile Approach to Hardware That Really Works

Why should you care about our process? It’s less costly. It’s less frustrating. It will save you time.

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Create More Useful Products Your Customers Will Crave

Our agile approach to hardware development gets your product generating revenue and customer feedback faster, which leads to a better product for your customers — and a stronger bottom line for your company.

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Build, Break, Repeat for Faster, Better Products

Too often, hardware is built using an engineering process that’s been in place since the 19th century. Isn’t it time to use today’s tools and capabilities to power a modern engineering process that can solve 21st century needs?

Early Learnings

Firmware and software leverage learnings from actual hardware sooner in the process by using an early development platform.

Validated Assumptions

Eliminate guesswork and solve problems early in the development process when it’s less expensive.

Increased Flexibility

Unlock more options when choosing components, especially helpful during a global semiconductor shortage.

Get Your Product Into the World Sooner

Our rapid cadence and iterative methodology put your product in market and your customers’ hands faster than any waterfall approach.


Very Rapid Prototyping

In one case, we went from a clean sheet of paper to a prototype with a custom PCBA in hand in only 7 weeks.


Ongoing Optimization

With real-world input into hardware issues and customer frustrations, we can rapidly improve your product to drive loyalty and revenue with every release.


Hands-on Approach

Every hardware engineer has a prototyping and testing lab in their house to save time and reduce costs.

How Does Agile Hardware Work?

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No Silos on Our Side, Less Work on Your Side

End-To-End Process

So you’re less likely to have to spend time and money hiring additional vendors before taking your product into production.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Our designers, engineers, and data scientists work side by side to solve problems and minimize delays. Each project team draws on the expertise of Very’s dozens of engineers.

Passionate People

We want to work on your hardest problems — and solve them fast.

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