Faster, End-to-End Printed Circuit Board Design

We have the skills, acumen, and experience to take your project from paper to physical prototype in days rather than weeks.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designs at the Speed Your Project Needs

Our multidisciplinary team has produced hundreds of printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Our experience means your ideas are in-market and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

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Our End-to-End Process Delivers Faster with Fewer Headaches

Hiring and coordinating multiple vendors is time-consuming and expensive. Our multidisciplinary teams blend hardware, software, design, and data science expertise, eliminating silos and providing an end-to-end process that can address your most complex needs.


User Needs to the Front

Our engineers focus on ideal feature sets and user value rather than a list of inflexible requirements. That way we can find simpler and more cost effective solutions that would otherwise be off the table. This flexibility unlocks our creativity and allows us to do smarter, more efficient work.

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True Technical Talent

With 75+ engineers, we offer a wider range of expertise and multiple redundancies that eliminate talent gaps and de-risk your project’s timeline.


True Agile Hardware Development

Our agile approach to hardware development powers a rapid cadence informed by constant prototyping.


Quick, Reliable Prototyping

Every hardware engineer has a prototyping and testing lab in their office, saving time, reducing costs, and paving the way for better projects.

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We Don’t Wait

Cliché or not, we know your time is also your money. We pledge to spend it wisely — and efficiently.

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