Goodbye Spartan Systems, Hello Very


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We had the best kind of identity crisis. We outgrew our name (and our logo, website, suite of services, office space...).

What’s New?

Very is Spartan Systems. We still develop software products and services. But now, we’re bigger than “the build.” We’ve evolved into a full-service firm for companies that want to disrupt a market, fast — and beat competitors to the punch.

We’ve found that a lot of businesses spend time, energy, and money on concepts that aren’t fully vetted. It’s incredibly risky. So at Very, our strategy is all about validating quickly and thoroughly, so you’ll know within a matter of weeks — not months — if your concept is worth the investment required to develop and launch it. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not. At Very, we help you choose your best path.

That means, when you build with us — whether it’s a product or a service or an entirely new company — you’ll test harder, launch smarter, and go confidently into the market.

What Do You Do?

We now offer three types of engagements: validate a concept, build a product, and augment a team. We have deep experience in back-end and front-end engineering, and past lives as entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. So we bring design, development, and strategy expertise to every project, every time.

Our capabilities include:

  • Running user testing and experiments to validate assumptions
  • Building a roadmap for product development
  • Creating a product
  • Working alongside your ongoing development efforts
  • Strategizing to gain adoption and market share
  • Perform a UX Audit on your existing application
  • Building business intelligence tooling to let your product speak to you

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Why the Name?

Like the word itself, Very exists to emphasize impact — not for ourselves, but for the companies we serve. Our work has always been about positioning our clients for long-term success and then amplifying it.

Who are Your Clients?

Big companies, small companies, and big companies that want to innovate like small companies. 

Who Are You?

Same team, same talent, same passion for attacking the right problems and building the best solutions.

We’re engineers, designers and data scientists, but we’re also entrepreneurs, strategists and consultants. We know our clients need to build things right and build the right things. They hire us to do both.

Very is senior-level talent, only. Our process is completely transparent, so our clients can learn our methods, implement them internally, and use them over and over again. Validation, strategy, design, and development happen alongside one another.