The Evolution of Very’s Brand Identity


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At Very, one of our core values is to “Continuously Improve.” We challenge each other to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday — and that goes for our brand identity, too. At the end of last year, we decided it was time to craft a brand that better conveys the seriousness of the work we do.

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How We Got Here

Since we were founded in 2011, design and user experience have been a core part of our business. But with so many creative thinkers, we found that parts of our brand experience grew in different directions over time. 

So we set out to develop a more unified and recognizable design system. Over the past several months, we’ve poured countless hours into creating a new identity that would accurately depict who we are. 

Staying True to Ourselves

We champion tenacity, precision, and savviness because they help us — and our customers — stand out. We’re excited to unveil a visual identity that reflects those core elements of our brand. 

Who We Are

For us to be able to design a visual identity that conveys who we are, we had to begin by writing it down. We started by looking to one of our most important sources of truth as a company: our customers. Through detailed interviews and meticulous analysis of data about who chooses Very and why, we came up with four pillars to describe our identity as a team:  

1. We Are Tenacious

We sink our teeth into game-changing initiatives for our clients. And we don’t let go. At the frontline of industry’s toughest challenges, there is no room for ego. We are tactically and intellectually agile, seamlessly responding to our clients’ evolving needs to get the work done.  

2. We Are Precise

We connect our clients’ powerful products targeted directly at their most pressing challenges. Our teams are best-in-class across disciplines. We build confidence among our teams and with our clients through a laser-focus on elegant solutions delivered at speed.

3. We Are Human

We create enduring value by connecting the dynamic potential of technology with the wisdom and intuition of the human experience. Being human at Very means we are open and transparent, building trust with each other and our clients. Accountability, expertise, and common sense set our process and our products apart.

4. We Are Savvy

We are smart: about technology, about operations, and about people. This means simplifying processes and communication to deliver meaningful solutions. Our business is a lean ecosystem. We cut the fat so our people can focus on our clients and our clients can focus on the future.

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How Do We Look?

Finally, here’s a glimpse at some of the design considerations that went into taking the things our customers know and love about Very, and evolving the brand to continue to be as dynamic and savvy as we strive to be.


For us, agile IoT means moving quickly without sacrificing the quality of our work or the security of your product. We needed a symbol for our brand that sends that message at a glance. 


The new logomark showcases the Very “V” through precise shapes and angles that give the feeling of forward, upward motion and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape.


We made a major pivot from a monochrome color palette to incorporate a signature bold color to showcase the fierce tenacity of our team. Our primary colors are now an industrial yellow paired strikingly with black, white, and gray. 


Because precision is a core part of how we work, we also added an array of bright colors to provide depth, contrast, and clarity in charts and graphs where we’re showing important data.  


Clarity is key for efficient communication, so we chose a sans-serif typeface so that our content is easy to read and has a human, accessible feel. 


For our iconography, we selected imagery that reflects our attention to detail and the subtle intricacies of IoT development work. Each icon incorporates our primary brand colors to ensure a consistent experience. 



Website Design

Dark theme

Dark modes are popping up in UIs everywhere, from Android and iOS to Twitter and Slack. But we didn’t just select a dark theme because it’s trendy — we chose it because it conveys the seriousness of our professional work and the elegance of the products we build. 


The dot animation featured prominently on the homepage and echoed throughout the site signifies movement, agility, and connectedness in the IoT landscape, as well as the data science that powers many of the IoT solutions we help build.

Our Insights

With more than 10,000 subscribers to the Very blog alone, we know that the savvy content produced by our technical experts is highly valued in the engineering community. We designed the Insights page to have a more editorial feel to highlight our relevant and timely content

Enhanced team pages

Our people are our biggest strength. All of our team members are true experts in their respective fields, and we wanted to make sure each person had a place to shine. Our updated team pages tell you everything you need to know about the individuals you’ll be working with, from their past experience to their current skill set, to how they spend their time off the clock. 

We Are Champions of IoT

Our clients come to us at pivotal moments. Whether they are bringing complex facilities online, connecting a global supply chain, or translating IoT innovations into the real world, moments like these require tenacity and ambition. And in moments like these, our clients are looking for a partner as driven as they are.

That’s where we come in. At Very, we bring our drive and savvy to deliver elegant, end-to-end IoT solutions to technical challenges. This is visible in both our proven process and our proven products. 

But our work doesn’t stop there. We build long-term partnerships focused on the big picture, and every product we ship is measured against the business imperatives vital to our clients’ success. With a focus on mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity for our clients, we turn pivotal moments into competitive advantage. 

Every day we celebrate the impact IoT can have on our clients and the world. For us, our internet of things extends beyond the workday and into our garages, our apartments, our worlds. The work we champion for our clients is the work we would be doing anyway.