Very Data Science Lead Shares Machine Learning Truths


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Very's Data Science Practice Lead, Jenn Gamble, was recently interviewed by The Enterpriser's Project for an article titled, "Machine Learning in the Enterprise: 5 Hard Truths."

As the value of machine learning in the enterprise space becomes more clear, so do the challenges many businesses face when implementing machine learning solutions.


Jenn shared that having the right team is essential. 

“One thing that’s often under-emphasized is the tight-knit interdisciplinary team needed for a company to build its first few machine learning products,” she said. “A data scientist rarely does this by themselves.”

Additionally, there's a need to bridge the gap between business expectations and technical realities, which can be accomplished by an AI or machine learning product manager.

“It’s important to have someone who is filling the role of AI Product Manager, even if that’s not their official title,” Jenn said. “Like a traditional product manager, their job is to be heavily focused on how the final machine learning ‘product’ will be used: who the end users are, what their workflows will be, and what decisions they’ll be making with the information provided.”

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