Very Data Science Lead Speaks Alongside Honeywell, Intel


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Very's Data Science Practice Lead, Jenn Gamble, recently joined a roundtable discussion alongside leaders from Honeywell, Intel, and Zededa at Stacey on IoT’s Everything is Connected virtual summit.

The roundtable was focused around how to build corporate partnerships around data sharing, device integrations, and connected services.

Jenn spoke about the value of the minimum viable product (MVP) approach to machine learning and digital transformation in the enterprise.

Many projects, she said, often start with a grand “art of the possible” vision. When teams come in to try to match this vision with a product, much of the focus is then directed towards features and building out full versions of individual components. Less time is spent thinking about how all of those components will work together.

With an MVP approach, however, teams can focus on making sure the product they’re creating works for the users who need it and fits into existing infrastructure. While this means not all of the exciting features will be available right away, it ends up being a more efficient way to tackle the project and achieve long-term value.

Watch the full recording here.