Very Founder Makes IoT Tech News


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Very's Founder, Ben Wald, was recently featured in an article from IoT News on why IoT projects are the hardest to launch. 

In the piece, Ben shares a bit about his background in using tech to make positive social changes, and how we're doing that at Very with customers like SparkMeter, a startup which sets up solar micro grids to enable people in Africa, India, and other off-grid areas to pay for metered energy. 

He also talks about why IoT projects in particular are so challenging, and how Very tackles them. 

“You have all of these workstreams that need to work together that are typically extremely siloed; you have your mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware development, mobile app and software development," he says. "All these different folks typically live in their own world, and our journey has been how to bring agility into this process.”

Click here to read the full article.

Very is exhibiting at IoT Tech's virtual expo event November 4-5 — register here to catch our Data Science Practice Lead, Jenn Gamble, speaking about best practices for building machine learning products.