Very Selected by Zobi to Develop IoT Cybersecurity Product


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Technology startup Zobi, a British based hardware-enabled software company providing cybersecurity solutions for the connected home, has selected Very to help develop Hedgehog, its first-ever consumer product.

Hedgehog is a brand-agnostic “digital guardian for the home” that uses Zobi™ Home Intelligence to detect and prevent cybercrime across a user’s entire home network.

Zobi engaged in a thorough research process to choose the right IoT development partner, and selected Very for our team's knowledge and expertise in IoT, machine learning, and security

“Quality, integrity, and experience are core values for Zobi and we needed an IoT partner to develop products that must be centered around not only protecting customers’ homes but the data they entrust us to hold and process,” said Scott Lever, founder at Zobi. “We’re confident that Very is this partner, and we’re thrilled to be working with them.”  

Very will work with Zobi to build the internal components of the Hedgehog device as well as the firmware, a user-facing mobile application, and a cloud analytics service to house all of Zobi’s data aggregation and machine learning capabilities.

“We enjoy working with companies that have an inspiring product idea and vision,” said Ben Wald, founder and head of client strategy at Very. “We’re excited to be a part of how Zobi is revolutionizing cybersecurity in the consumer IoT and smart home space with the world’s first home intelligence device.”

To learn more, visit https://hedgehog.ai/discover or https://zobi.ai.