Very Wins Tech Reviewer Award for Top IoT Development Companies


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We’re proud to announce that Very has been named one of the nation’s top IoT development companies by Tech Reviewer.

The selection criteria took into account each vendor’s ability to build solutions that effectively leverage the benefits of IoT technologies.

“We’re honored to be awarded for our work in this ever-evolving space,” said Very founder Ben Wald. “Our goal is to leverage IoT technologies in a way that drives measurable results for clients. We’re excited to see where this work takes our firm — and the companies we serve — as IoT continues to transform the world around us.”

Recently, we’ve focused on cultivating an in-house team of U.S.-based, senior-level IoT engineers. We’re capable of handling every aspect of IoT development, including:

  • Hardware Prototyping: With IoT projects, hardware and software development should go hand in hand. Very works with clients to fully understand their hardware requirements and how the requirements would impact Very's framework choices. Keeping the client's target cost per unit in mind, Very makes recommendations and builds out a prototype to use for testing. Once Very has worked out the kinks, they'll send the specs to a manufacturer to put the hardware into production.
  • IoT Platform Development: Very builds IoT platforms to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices. Very's team evaluates clients' project needs and choose the best tech stack to build a platform for growth. Whether they need an IoT platform as a service or a totally custom build, Very sets it up to scale.
  • IoT App Development: IoT solutions are only as useful as their front-end user experience. Very uses their extensive experience developing consumer applications to develop IoT applications that are as immersive as they are powerful.
  • Data Management and Analytics: Sensors and devices will collect a wealth of data that tells a story about clients' customers. Very delivers meaningful insights and credible predictions using machine learning and data analytics. Whether clients care about user behavior or hardware performance, Very creates data visualizations, customized dashboards, and detailed reports to help their customers make data-driven decisions.

Our recent and current IoT development clients include Koller, the world's first smart fish tank for the consumer market; and Hop, a facial recognition-powered self-serve beer kiosk system. 

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