Fast-Track Your IoT App Development

Our in-house team is equipped to handle every aspect of your Internet of Things (IoT) app development project, including back-end engineering, hardware prototyping, and front-end design. A senior product manager will drive your project forward, ensuring that best practices are followed — and that we exceed your expectations.

With more than 250 projects under our belt, our IoT app development team can help you bridge the divide between hardware and software to create seamless applications.

Tell Us About Your Project

How Does it Work?

  1. Release Planning: You'll start your engagement with a release-planning meeting, where we'll establish your priorities and categorize features into three categories: needs, wants, and desires. You'll come out of the release planning meeting with a development roadmap to serve as our guide.

  2. Establishing Hardware Requirements: Next, we'll research hardware options, taking into considerations your technical needs and target cost/unit. Choices about sensors, microprocessors, and wifi chips will inform our tech stack choices as we move forward. 

  3. Working with Agility: Your project manager will drive your project forward, coordinating our team of dedicated designers, developers and hardware engineers. We'll deliver working software with every release, so you can test features and course-correct as needed.  


Our Capabilities

Cookie cutter projects? No thanks. Give us a challenge we haven’t seen before. Let’s take a crack at solving the unsolvable. Our core capabilities include:


Full-Stack Engineering: Versatility is one of our core competencies, and our engineers always choose the best tool for the job. Some of our favorites are Ruby, Python, Elixir/Phoenix, Nerves, React, and AWS.


Mobile Development: With years of experience developing iPhone and iPad apps, our iOS engineers build world-class mobile applications with Swift, Objective C, and React Native.


User Experience: We craft immersive user experiences that drive results. Whether we’re prototyping a new application or finding issues with existing products, our decisions are based on data, not assumptions or whims.


User Interface: A user interface is much more than just fonts and colors—it’s the visual foundation of your product. We design interfaces that bring your brand to life.

  • Shopkeep
  • Hp
  • PBS
  • Mozilla
  • United Nations
  • Texas Instruments
  • Thrive
  • Loreal
  • World Bank
  • Accenture
  • Columbia
  • Coast Guard