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Jeff McGehee and Bill Brock, VP of Engineering, worked together to develop a new, self-pouring kiosk using facial recognition technology called HOP. Work on this project yielded a scalable, modular, distributed self-pour draft beer system with Phoenix, Nerves, and Swift as the foundation along with a little AWS Rekognition sprinkled in.

Gig City Elixir is an upcoming Programming conference, taking place in Chattanooga, TN. The event will be host to several talks of varying length and format. Regardless of the language used, the goal is to teach attendees functional programming concepts to become better programmers.

Jeff holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, and an MS in Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning from Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds a patent for his work on computer-implemented intelligent alignment method for color sensing devices.

Gig City Elixir will be held October 26th-27th at the Aquarium Conference Center.