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Very's Co-Founder, Ben Wald, was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterpriser's Project, "Agile Project Management: 10 Reasons to Use It."

You've likely heard a lot about Agile project management and the benefits it can bring to your IT team and business. But you're also well aware of the challenges that come with changing project management styles, especially if your organization is pretty deeply entrenched in traditional software development methods.

Whether it's you, a colleague, or a supervisor who needs convincing to make the move to Agile, this article provides 10 compelling reasons why it will be worth the overhaul it may require — particularly in the realm of IoT development.

As Ben Wald, our co-founder and VP of Solutions Implementation, shares in reason number two:

“Agile methodologies and continuous delivery are particularly well-suited for dealing with the demands of the connected device. With agile, testing becomes an essential component of each phase of the development process, with quality being ‘baked in’ at every stage. This is especially crucial for IoT development projects because real-world conditions are unpredictable. Continuous testing saves time, money, and frustration.”

Discover the other nine reasons in the full article here.