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Very's Co-Founder, Ben Wald, was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterpriser's Project, "Agile Project Management: 10 Mistakes to Avoid."

As more enterprises begin to understand the value that Agile project management can bring to their businesses, they're looking for ways to make the transition to Agile more successful. In the article, Ben and other tech leaders explain some common pitfalls when adopting an Agile strategy to avoid, including too much testing, and not knowing when you're done:

Too much testing

“Especially with greenfield application development, you want to make sure you are doing a healthy amount of testing, but you also want to keep the engineers pushing forward on features. The last thing you want is to reach the end of a project and have a huge backlog of bugs to fix, but you also need to get to the finish line. It’s very likely, if you have a rolling launch strategy and rollout plan where you are only starting with a few users or groups, that you’ll have time then to make the minor tweaks for all your edge cases. Keep your development on track by putting a healthy test plan in place – not too little, but not too much.” - Ben Wald, co-founder, Very

Not knowing when you're done

“Because it was built to adapt to changing requirements, agile makes it easy to adjust your approach to high-priority issues. This is especially important in fast-paced businesses where requirements and industry climates change quickly. Working with agility gives you more flexibility for change and directs teams to focus on building the most essential features – but it’s also important to recognize when to move onto the next project.” - Ben Wald, co-founder, Very

Get the rest of the tips in the full article here.