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Very's co-founder Ben Wald was recently interviewed by G2Crowd for the article, "What Is the Future of Machine Learning? We Asked 5 Experts."

Machine learning may be a method of data analysis, however, it’s steadily influencing the lives those who own IoT devices like smartwatches, phones, cars, and more. Here’s what Ben had to say about the unique relationship between machine learning and consumers.

Ben“With 90 percent of all data generated over the last two years, much of it grows from an array of smart devices that connect our phones, wrists, and homes. As a result, companies have more ways than ever to build relationships with their customers," Ben said. "Using machine learning, corporations can fine-tune their understanding of their target audience to inform product development, marketing, and sales. With algorithms to break down exactly how their products are being used, developers and designers can customize products far more precisely than ever before, maximizing value for both the company and the consumer.”

With more breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms, we’ll begin to see hyper-targeting and fine-tuned personalization for customers on a larger scale.

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