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Very's Co-Founder, Ben Wald, was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterpriser's Project, "10 Agile Project Management Tips From the Masters."

There's a difference between understanding Agile concepts and mastering the methodology. The entire mindset of your organization has to change, and if you don't take the right steps to implement Agile thinking, you could end up in a less advantageous position than where you started. 

In this article, experts provide 10 Agile project management tips, with our co-founder Ben providing two out of the ten:

Tip Number 3: Try pairing agile with lean development.

“While we practice agile methodologies, it’s important to recognize that agile is not enough. Sure, it tells you how to build fast and with less risk, but it doesn’t tell you what to build or why to build it. This is where lean comes in. Lean is all about is figuring the optimum set of features to produce maximum ROI. For us, life or death occurs in the backlog – not the ‘done’ lane – which is why we pair agile with lean development."

Tip Number 6: Find a smart cadence. 

“Agile doesn’t have to be a never-ending cycle of development with no finish line in mind. Quite the opposite. Set epics, set milestones, set budgets – just be open to re-prioritize work as you learn new things. Be open to learning along the way and set a cadence where you have set aside time to re-evaluate the remaining work to be done. A good guide we use is, every week we ask ourselves and the project team, ‘What’s the highest-value work we can ship this week?’ and we go from there."

To read more of Ben's insight and see the rest of the tips, check out the full article here.