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Very's Co-Founder, Ben Wald, was recently featured in an article for App Developer Magazine, "Ethics Standards and Security Protocols App Developers Should Follow."

The re-entrance of technology like FaceApp into the broader tech discussion earlier this year raised important questions about ethics and security when building applications. 

In this Q&A, Ben spoke with App Developer about the current state of data privacy, how we got to where we are now, and what developers can do to ensure the safety of users and businesses going forward. Ben also shared:

  • Why security is often de-prioritized in the development cycle
  • Best practices for developers when setting ethics standards and security protocols
  • How developers  can better communicate with their executives, clients or project managers on security issues

"Given the number of times we have seen product vulnerabilities exploited, it's critical for companies to take security seriously and carve out time, energy, and budget to address it.," Ben said. "Avoid having the engineering team up against a wall to deliver new features in a fast and furious style and consider the longer-term life cycle of the product."

Read the full article here.