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The web is now full of “things” instead of just servers and clients. But Very Director of Engineering Jeff McGehee encourages developers not to get too alarmed — these “things” are just a new type of client (or server).

That’s the topic of Jeff’s May 30, 2018 presentation at the 13th annual php[tek] event in Atlanta. The session will explain how these “things” came on the scene, where their ecosystems are pushing the creation of new technology, and why web developers are in the best spot to make an impact.

Topics covered will include common types of embedded systems, common communication protocols, server back-ends, and the emerging world of IoT platforms as a service. After the talk, developers will have a chance to get their hands dirty with an embedded device, a few sensors, and the internet.

Jeff’s career has been focused on applying computation to engineering problems. The more he’s studied machine learning, the more he’s become motivated to understand how it can be applied effectively in systems that interact with the real world.

At Very, he brings his applied mathematics and machine learning knowledge to a wide array of problems and projects involving images, natural language, social graphs, temporal data, and geospacial data. His academic background in control systems and robotics helped him become the IoT practice lead at Very.