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Very's Director of Engineering Jeff McGehee was recently interviewed for an article in CMSWire, "Why Keeping Data Anonymous Is More Aspiration Than Reality."

It’s getting easier and easier for companies to glean tens of thousands of data points about an individual user, especially in IoT. But according to a recent article from CMSWire, it’s also getting harder and harder to separate that data from individual users — meaning that keeping data anonymous may now be more of a pipe dream than a realistic goal. 

In the article, Very’s Director of Engineering, Jeff McGehee, proposed a better way to approach this problem. Instead of trying in vain to keep data completely anonymous, companies should require collected data to be treated securely. Before the company publishes any data, it should be thoroughly reviewed for any personally-identifying information.

Jeff also noted that while standards like GDPR may help minimize obvious identifiers, tech will likely move too quickly for those kinds of regulations to keep up. The emphasis should be placed on securing devices themselves and establishing secure data practices.

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