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Very's Director of Engineering, Jeff McGehee, was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterpriser's Project, "5 AI fears and how to address them." 

Artificial intelligence (AI) may not be new technology, but many of its recent applications are tackling uncharted territories. Naturally, anything unknown can cause fearful responses. 

But AI doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. This article explores five common fears about AI and how to overcome them. Jeff provides insight on the fear that AI will make poor decisions. 

“This fear is often very broad from a technical perspective, but it always boils down to people thinking the decision ‘just isn’t right,’” says Jeff. “For practitioners, this can be very tricky to nail down, particularly if a quantitative definition of a ‘good’ decision cannot be produced. In order to identify such a definition, stakeholders must think critically about all possible definitions of good/bad with respect to the decision.”

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