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Very is excited to announce the hire of Justin Schneck, Co-Author of the Nerves Project, as a Software Engineering Fellow, where he will continue to push the Nerves Project forward by guiding Very’s engineers on work related to Nerves, using Nerves to solve real-world problems for our clients, and continuing to grow and maintain the Nerves Project codebases.

justinAs the Co-Author of the Nerves Project, Justin was instrumental in the creation of the Nerves development framework and NervesHub, which have both received widespread acclaim and usage across the Elixir community. Justin is also a regular keynote presenter at Elixir Conf, Gig City Elixir, and related events around the world. 

“Very is proud to be a longtime sponsor of the Nerves Project, with many of our engineers acting as contributors to the open-source project,” said Benjamin Wald, co-founder of Very. “We’re thrilled to now have one of the Nerves co-authors join our team officially to help us continue delivering high-quality, scalable IoT solutions for enterprise clients.”

Justin has close to ten years of experience in embedded development, and prior to joining Very, he was the principal hardware engineer for fashion rental service Le Tote, where he designed and implemented custom RFID solutions and managed hardware in fulfillment centers. 

Read the full press release here, and see a blog from Justin sharing more about Nerves and why he joined Very here.