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Very's Director of Engineering Jeff McGehee was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterprisers Project, "How to Staff an AI Team: 11 Key Roles."

The success of any artificial intelligence initiative may depend as much upon philosophy and art as it does upon data science and machine learning. That’s because the effective deployment of AI in the enterprise will require building well-rounded teams that include people from a wide range of backgrounds, including non-technical roles.

“It is generally accepted that diversity of opinions is critical to all complex problem-solving,” says Jeff McGehee, Director of Engineering at Very. “Diversity is all about life experience, and professional background is a large part of most individuals’ life experience, which can add dimension to AI projects and provide new perspectives to finding innovative solutions.”

Jeff also pointed out that building diverse teams – AI or otherwise – requires an active effort on the part of your company as part of recruiting and hiring practices. Sitting back and assuming diversity will find you is not a viable team-building strategy.

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