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We often hear about gender inequities in the workplace. There are many contributing factors, but could our technology be partly to blame? A recent study reveals how undetected bias in training data can reinforce gender stereotypes to, “a disturbing degree.” On August 17, Marketing Director Emily Maxie will discuss the pitfalls of assuming AI is inherently unbiased and the steps being taken to address such biases at Scenic City Summit.

0-6In this session, audience members will learn:

  • About the dangers of unconscious bias creeping its way into AI
  • How to prevent bias from impacting your application
  • Ways machine learning is being used to combat bias

Scenic City Summit is a one-day event for developers and IT professionals in the Chattanooga area, which is presented by ChaTech.

Throughout her career, Emily has been passionate about advancing the careers of women in tech. She regularly speaks at regional and national events on the topics of career advancement and gender parity, and is dedicated to finding creative solutions to move the needle, one woman at a time.