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Very's VP of Marketing, Emily Maxie, was recently interviewed in an article for CMSWire, "How Companies Are Using Industrial IoT." 

Emily talked about the future of industrial IoT (IIoT), and why IIoT is the next stage in bringing more devices online. Optimization, she says, is the name of the game. 

"Building on the foundation laid by traditional control systems,” Emily said, "Industrial IoT is making these heavy equipment and system controls more user-friendly, adaptive, and capable than ever before."

She also explained some of the key differences between IIoT and consumer IoT. IIoT machinery and technology will often run for decades, so everything — updates, maintenance, patches — needs to be considered in significantly longer cycles than consumer IoT.  Predictive maintenance, for example, is a huge benefit that IIoT could provide for manufacturing, detecting and fixing potential problems before they occur to extend the equipment's lifecycle. 

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