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We’re proud to announce that Very has been named one of the nation’s top-10 blockchain solution providers by Enterprise Security Magazine.

very top blockchain solution provider

The selection criteria took into account each vendor’s ability to build solutions that effectively leverage the benefits of blockchain technologies.

“We’re honored to be recognized for our work in this challenging and ever-evolving space,” said Tyler Jenks, co-founder and SVP of solutions architecture at Very. “As with all of our services, our goal is to leverage blockchain in a way that drives measurable results for clients. We’re excited to see where this work takes our firm — and the companies we serve — as blockchain continues to transform the way the world does business.”

In recent years, we’ve focused on cultivating an in-house team of U.S.-based, senior-level blockchain engineers. We’re capable of handling every aspect of blockchain development, including:

  • Smart Contract Development: We take a meticulous, test-driven approach to developing resilient smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Decentralized App Development: Our in-house blockchain development experts take care of the entire development lifecycle, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to developing consumer-facing applications.
  • Tech Stack Recommendations: There are thousands of blockchain technologies. We’ll work with you to choose the best tech stack for your project.
  • Wallet Development: By designing and developing a user-friendly wallet, you can ensure that your blockchain is as functional as it is powerful.
  • Chain Explorers: Choose which pieces of data regulators can see and when they can see it with a custom chain explorer.
  • API Development: APIs can be used to create the foundations of a smart contract system, allowing specific instructions to be sent to the chain using a smart contract language like Solidity.

Our recent and current blockchain development clients include Blockmason, a company that builds libraries, contracts, programs, and apps to support the blockchain ecosystem; and Gamma, a gamer-powered distributed computing ecosystem that aims to offer an Ethereum-backed blockchain.

We’ve seen a surge in demand for blockchain over the past 18 months, due largely to the explosion of initial coin offerings. However, we’re well aware that blockchain isn’t the best solution for every project, which is why we offer blockchain consulting to assess client needs and evaluate whether blockchain is the right fit before moving forward.