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Building applications that leverage blockchain data can be cumbersome, but it’s not impossible. Senior Product Manager Sam McDavid will talk about how to deliver blockchain data to a web application in his August 17 presentation at Scenic City Summit.

sam-headshotBecause blockchains don’t typically have RESTful APIs, delivering data to your web app can be complicated. However, we found a way around this challenge by deploying a blockchain node to an EC2 instance. With this approach, we were able to request data and deliver it to our web app using Lambda.

In this session, audience members will learn:

  • How we used AWS Lambda and blockchain to build a robust web app
  • Best practices for delivering blockchain data to your web app
  • Cost-effective ways of serving blockchain data to your application

Scenic City Summit is a one-day event for developers and IT professionals in the Chattanooga area, which is presented by ChaTech.