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Very's VP of Engineering was recently interviewed for an article in The Enterprisers Project, "How to Select an AI Pilot Project: 5 Criteria."

To create a tangible, actionable starting point for AI in your business, you need to identify a use case. For a pilot, you want to be confident not just in the size of your data but also about its quality.

“Artificial intelligence can provide remarkable insights, but AI can’t distinguish between good data and bad data on its own,” says Bill Brock, VP of engineering at Very. “At best, bad data will produce results that aren’t actionable or insightful. But much more concerning, bad data can lead to results that are misleading. That’s why it’s important to have a large amount of data with accurate labels before starting an AI project, and for leaders to be able to discern how to best qualify the data for a successful pilot.”

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