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Star Trek Replicators? How Additive Manufacturing is Changing the Industry

We’re a lot closer to having a bona fide Star Trek replicator than you might think. Sure, we’re not to the point where you can just press a button and a part — or maybe a steak and some Romulan ale — will materialize out of nowhere. However, additive manufacturing has finally matured to such a degree that 3D printing is feasible for manufacturing applications.

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Jumping into the Ring with a Punchable Computer

Typical hardware devices aren’t designed to withstand getting punched repeatedly every day. One reason is most hardware isn’t meant to be punched. Another reason is it’s pretty hard to develop hardware for that purpose.

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Redefining the Imaginable in Space Exploration and & Communication

The most enticing engineering opportunities on earth involve finding solutions to problems that have traditionally been considered impossible. What could be more thrilling than that?

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Modularity in Robotics: A Vision for the Future 

What would it take for you to adopt the latest technology? More than a promise, right? The most common complaint about new technology is that it comes with a string of promises, but if things don't work out, you, the consumer — not the producer — lose out.

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Designing IoT Solutions for Hard-to-Connect Places

IoT is transforming the way we approach intractable problems like poverty, sustainability, and climate change, especially in remote regions like rural Africa. But there are many challenges inherent in bringing connected devices to these isolated places.

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Intrapreneurship, Internal Incubation, Spinoffs, and IoT Product Development

Many of the world’s greatest innovations emerge from intrapreneurship. Given the space to incubate tangential ideas, employees often create products that become the basis for spinoff companies.

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IoT Data: Using Smart Tech to Outsmart Analog Competitors

IoT data can have a profound impact on the quality of your product. But don’t stop there. It can also potentially improve every single aspect of your business.

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Embracing a Consumer-Centric Approach to Product Development

A lot of companies — even the big players — make the mistake of developing a product in search of a problem.

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Moonshot Engineering Projects: Getting Innovative Initiatives Off the Ground

You’ve been given the reins of a moonshot engineering project. The company’s big, make-or-break initiative is in your hands and all eyes are on you. Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? No idea where to start?

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Silicon Savannah: Expanding Access to Clean Cooking Fuel

A significant amount of the world’s population — over 2 billion households — cooks with dirty fuels. For most, there simply isn’t access to clean cooking fuel.

Featured Guests

Our guests are top industry leaders molding smart product success in their markets. We dig in on how they do the work, overcome obstacles, and launch their IoT initiatives into the world.

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Blake Teipel

Co-Founder and CEO of Essentium

Blake is the Co-Founder and CEO of Essentium, pioneering multiple 3D printing technologies that remove the current limitations surrounding additive manufacturing, allowing factory floors everywhere to be transformed.


Jeff Morin

CEO at Liteboxer

Jeff Morin, CEO & Founder of Liteboxer, is an MIT-educated engineer and certified personal trainer with an eye for both physical and technological performance. 


Neil Mallik

Office of the Chief Engineer for Space Communications and Navigation at NASA

Neil serves as a technical management authority for all of NASA’s communications networks systems and architectures, and spacecraft communications systems on behalf of the NASA Administrator/ Senior Leadership.


Afshin Doust

CEO of Advanced Intelligent Systems

Afshin is CEO of Advanced Intelligent Systems where they create scalable robotic ecosystems that can tackle labor shortages and also help automate dangerous or repetitive tasks.


Jit Bhattacharya

Venture Partner at Factor[e] Ventures

Jit, Venture Partner at Factor[e] Ventures, the development firm with a mission to improve lives in the developing world through increased access to sustainable energy and related services.


Bob Marshall

CEO at WhiskerLabs

CEO at WhiskerLabs, the makers of Ting: the most significant fire safety innovation since the smoke alarm.


Sean Grundy

Co-Founder & CEO at Bevi

Sean is the Co-Founder & CEO of Bevi, the smart, bottle-less water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces.


Doug Roberson

Chief Technology Officer at Allterco Robotics US

Doug Roberson is the Chief Technology Officer at Allterco Robotics US, makers of the Shelly line of smart relays, plugs, and sensors.


Luke Wilhelm

Chief Product Officer at Very

Luke, Chief Product Officer at Very leads a team of senior engineers, designers, and data scientists in the strategic development of products that solve critical challenges in the IoT space and beyond.


Nick Quintong

CEO & Co-Founder of PayGo Energy

Nick is CEO & Co-Founder of PayGo Energy, a hardware and software solution that reduces cost barriers to LPG and revolutionizes the connection between customers, retailers, and wholesalers of LPG.