Alex McLain - Headshot


Alex McLain

Senior Software Engineer

Washington, USA

About Alex

As a Senior Software Engineer at Very, Alex uses technologies like Elixir and Nerves to create robust IoT solutions.



Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, SQL

Tools & Frameworks

Nerves, Phoenix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Kubernetes, Nomad, CI, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ

Past Experience

  • Theorem, Engineering Manager
  • Morgan Sound, Control System Division Manager
  • Loud Technologies, International Parts

Industry Experience

Alex has been figuring out how to get hardware and software to work together effectively for the last ten years. He has deep experience in front-end and back-end development, DevOps, database and queue, interfacing with various hardware via a range of connectivity options, parsing protocols, designing and configuring wired and Wi-Fi Ethernet networks, low-level troubleshooting, and designing user interfaces.


Outside of work, you can find Alex still tinkering around with hardware. He also enjoys metalworking and photography.