Alex Sneed Miller

Software Engineering Team

Alex Sneed Miler

Senior Solutions Engineer

Minnesota, USA

About Alex

As a Senior Solutions Engineer at Very, Alex ensures that we are building the right solution that will set up our clients for success. By understanding their business models and what different technologies are capable of we can build systems that are successful now and in the future.



Golang, Python, C/C++

Past Experience

  • 3M, Digital Solutions Lead
  • Target, Senior Engineer
  • 3M, Technical Aide
  • Data Doctors, Computer Technician

Industry Experience

Straddling the line between hardware and software, Alex began with scaled backend API development before moving into embedded C for consumer products, and then combining the two to create a nationwide IoT platform. Additionally, leading design and implementation for the "digital" aspects of a physical product presented new perspectives to him. He uses his previous experiences to guide people away from potential obstacles and towards a mindset that will allow them to adapt to changing conditions in the future.


In Alex's free time, he enjoys cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, running, rooting for Minnesota sports teams (particularly the Twins), and volunteering with FIRST Robotics.