Emily Maxie


Philadelphia, PA, USA

About Emily

Emily is a builder who loves solving problems that no one has ever solved before. And one of the hardest problems B2B technology startups face is finding product-market fit. When you uncover the right fit between your target market and your product, it feels like magic. But without it, a good idea can die on the vine.

Emily has led marketing strategy at two high-growth tech startups, resulting in five-year revenue growth of 1200% at Very, an Internet of Things consulting company, and successful Series A and B rounds for a total of $31.6M in funding at Skuid. 

During her career, Emily has held almost all key marketing roles as she grew from individual contributor to executive. She has built high-performing marketing teams from the ground up at three B2B tech startups, always focusing on scalability and agility.

Emily believes in investing in her team members, providing each team member with structured career coaching and a customized career path. She has found that this approach improves retention and engagement and conveys to her team that she truly cares about their development. She actively mentors a variety of marketing leaders to help them build their confidence to advocate for their ideas and themselves. 


Her approach to solving “unsolvable” problems has also been instrumental in improving gender diversity at the tech start-ups where Emily has worked. At Very, she was instrumental in increasing female representation from 10% of the company to 40% over the past five years. Emily was recognized for this work by being named 2020 Woman of the Year by Business Intelligence Group. She brings her passion for this topic to life by regularly speaking about advancing women in leadership at regional, national, and global conferences, including the world’s largest conference for women in tech, the Grace Hopper Celebration.


Emily is currently studying at Wharton to deepen her understanding of finance, product development, and leadership topics. She will complete her Executive MBA at Wharton in the spring of 2023.