Esteban Rocha

Front-End Engineer

Cundinamarca, Colombia

About Esteban

As a Front-End Engineer at Very, Esteban works with clients to create intuitive web interfaces.


Languages and Tools

CSS, SASS, BEM/ABEM, PostCSS, HTML5, JavaScript ES2018, Babel, ESLint, Prettier - PHP7, ReactJS, Jinja/Twig, WordPress Development, HubSpot Development (HubL), Shopify Development (Liquid)

Operating systems

Linux expertise on Arch-based distributions, Bash/Shell Scripting proficiency, Nginx, Apache, DNS - Server Virtualization (Oracle Virtualbox),, Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon EC2, ZEIT Now, Netlify


Agile Software Development (Kamban, Scrum and XP), Docker, GIT proficiency, Gulp/Webpack automation, BrowserSync, Gitlab Pipelines, Tmux, NeoVIM, VsCode, Chrome Developer Tools expertise

Past Experience

  • Akendos - Agile Software Group, Full Stack Web & WordPress Developer
  • IMPACT, Full Stack WordPress & HubSpot Developer
  • THINK creative group, Full Stack Web Developer
  • Rockstar Coders, Wordpress Rockstar Developer
  • Red Design Systems, Full Stack Developer

Awards & Certifications

  • JavaScript ES6 Certification, Bostype Inc
  • Hubspot Design Certification, Udemy

Industry Experience

In 2013, Esteban started his career as an Android and Web Developer for The Hetah Foundation, where he developed two applications for the Android operating system. He was responsible for the revision, code refactoring, and debugging of the foundation's applications, and he implemented a Git version control system for the applications. Esteban held a variety of full-stack development roles at other companies, becoming fluent in JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, Reactjs, and Vuejs.


Esteban likes comics, cooking, astronomy, music, video games, martial arts, and lots of pizza.