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Skyler Cain

Senior Software Engineer

Utah, USA

About Skyler

As a Senior Software Engineer at Very, Skyler Cain leverages Python and Django to architect superior solutions for our customers.



Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, C#, PHP


Django, Angular, AngularJS, Microsoft Web API

Version Control

Git, SVN, and Microsoft TFS

Server/Infrastructure Management

AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, and Route53), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Cloud

Past Experience

  • JASA Technologies, Co-Founder
  • Rent Dynamics, Software Development Manager
  • Addion, Software Developer
  • Adviso, Software Developer

Industry Experience

Skyler's background is in web development, and he has a deep passion for programming and understanding emerging web technologies. He enjoys working in different domains to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of different industries.


When he's not working, Skyler can be found playing piano, darts, Magic: The Gathering, or video games. He also enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and DIY building projects.