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Skyler Cain

Director of Software Engineering

Utah, USA

About Skyler

As the Director of Software Engineering at Very, Skyler Cain leverages Python and Django to architect superior solutions for our customers.



Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, C#, PHP


Django, Angular, AngularJS, Microsoft Web API

Version Control

Git, SVN, and Microsoft TFS

Server/Infrastructure Management

AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, and Route53), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Cloud

Past Experience

  • JASA Technologies, Co-Founder
  • Rent Dynamics, Software Development Manager
  • Addion, Software Developer
  • Adviso, Software Developer

Industry Experience

Skyler's background is in web development, and he has a deep passion for programming and understanding emerging web technologies. He enjoys working in different domains to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of different industries.


When he's not working, Skyler can be found playing piano, darts, Magic: The Gathering, or video games. He also enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and DIY building projects.