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Tyler Lovely

Senior Software Engineer

Utah, USA

About Tyler

As a Senior Software Engineer at Very, Tyler builds stable, efficient, and easy-to-use software systems to solve real-world problems with IoT.



Python, MicroPython, JavaScript, RUST, C, Go


Django, Flask, aiohttp

Past Experience

  • Send Out Cards, Senior Software Engineer
  • Vivint Solar - Embedded Software Engineer
  • Edge by Ascential, Senior Python Developer
  • Canopy, Python Developer
  • Dwelo, Embedded Software Engineer
  • RESMARK Systems, Software Engineer

Industry Experience

With nearly 10 years of experience as a software engineer, Tyler is driven by his pursuit to create elegant solutions to complex problems. Since 2012, Tyler has worked to automate processes for manufacturing, marketing, accounting, and more. Since becoming a full-time programmer, hr has applied the same tenacity to every endeavor as he continues to learn and progress here at Very.


In Tyler's downtime, he enjoys food experiments, personal IoT/embedded/software projects, reading, gardening, and strategy games.