Victor Lorenzo Soleri-resized


Victor Lorenzo Soleri

Senior Software Engineer

Cordoba, Argentina

About Victor

Victor is excited to build well-designed software, with a focus on IoT.

After studying information systems engineering, he started doing freelance development jobs, growing skills until he started building entire web applications on his own. Victor went on to be a Generalist Software Engineer at various companies, working in several areas of the development stack.

He loves working with teammates to tackle application development projects and create meaningful results.


Victor is an expert in multiple coding languages, frameworks and methodologies. Some of the coding languages include Java, Javascript and Typescript. He’s also proficient in web frameworks, such as; Express, React, Redux, Angular and Spring.

Victor uses a cross-section of methodologies including object-oriented programming, functional programming, reactive programming, test-driven development (TDD) and domain-driven design (DDD).


Victor loves music, whether it’s going to concerts and music festivals, or playing the guitar and singing. He enjoys old video games, and old movies, too. Above all that, he enjoys traveling, camping, and nights out with friends.